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RAYDENT designer AI

AI-driven patient-specific crown design

Anyone can easily design crowns in the dental office.

  • RAYDENT designer AIVarious applications
  • RAYDENT designer AIAutomatic Crown Design
  • RAYDENT designer AISupport 3D printer and milling machine
  • RAYDENT designer AIModel Builder
  • RAYDENT designer AIFor Dental Offices and Dental Labs

One-click crown design program

AI design from big data and deep learning

AI crowns are designed by patient tooth wear by age

and shape of antagonist and adjacent teeth.

Useful Utility Tools


  • Add user crown library
  • Automatic/manual occlusal adjustment
  • Diagnostic wax-up for prosthetic driven implant planning
  • STL file editing
  • STL export possible in any of design step

Various Prosthetic design support

RAYDENT designer AI

AI Crown/Coping

AI Inlay/Onlay


Provisional Crown/Bridge (Shell Tec.)

Diagnostic wax up

Simple SCRP

Model builder

Crown shell


Various Export options


  • Print the designed prosthesis by RAYDENT Studio (3D printer)
  • Milling the designed prosthesis by PTS files
  • STL file export and save available for all designing steps